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Kitten and Golden Retriever

Rosanne LeSage, owner of Bow Wow's & Whisker's Pet Care Co. is a “cat whisperer”! She has an innate understanding and respect for animals. She knows each and every cat has their own personality. Those qualities shine through immediately upon meeting her. Her love and affection for my two Persian kitties has allowed travel planning to be free of anxiety – and much more frequent! My husband and I can truly enjoy our time away with Rosanne taking care of our kitties and our home. Her daily updates via email are filled with fun and amusing tales and they bring such comfort to me when I am thousands of miles away from home. Rosanne’s pet care company is not just her profession – it is her passion.....

Bounce and Lola (kitty kids)
Angela and Evan (kitty parents)
Portola Parkway, Irvine, CA

Bounce Lola

My Charlie is a 9-year old Sheltie who has been in the care of Rosanne LeSage, owner of Bow Wow's & Whisker's Pet Care Co., Irvine, CA since Charlie was 9 months old. Rosanne has assisted with Charlie’s training. She has taken care of him when has had surgeries and I had to be out of the country. The day of Charlie’s surgery she took him, fasting, to his veterinarian. Rosanne then moved into my home. She collected Charlie from the veterinarian’s office and provided him with round-the-clock care. I arrived home, many weeks later to a fully-recovered Charlie. She managed his medicines, surgical dressings and sutures and kept him entertained and happy. Rosanne also manages Charlie’s non-anesthesia dental cleanings and veterinarian appointments. She looks in on Charlie daily and keeps him happy and stress-free with long walks and playtime. Rosanne is dependable, reliable and knowledgeable about pet’s health care needs. Charlie and I are fortunate to have found her.

Charlie and his “Mom” Leslie
Irvine, CA


My husband and I are writing to offer our strongest recommendation for the marvelous pet care given by Rosanne LeSage, owner of Bow Wow’s & Whiskers Pet Care. We travel a great deal, from short trips to two to three week periods. We always return to a very happy and relaxed cat. Our cat Kir, a 14 year old calico, has been cared for by Rosanne with Bow Wow’s & Whiskers since she was a small kitten. Rosanne is 100% reliable. She always leaves us a written report about Kir and she will leave us emails, if needed. Her advice and suggestions over the years have proved invaluable. We owe her a great deal for her efforts!

Doug & Sandy Mills
Turtle Rock, Irvine, CA

Rosanne LeSage with Bow Wow's & Whisker's Pet Care has loved and cared for my precious Slater, a little grey, male Chartreuse cat for over 10 years. I never give a second thought to his safety and well being when we’re gone because Rosanne does exactly what she commits to do and much, much more!.... and Most Important…..Slater loves her. She doesn’t just do the mechanics of her work; she truly cares for my boy, plays with him and is tuned into his every need. I know I can count on her to handle any unexpected situation that may arise. I refer her often and with confidence!!!!

Slater’s Mom & Dad . . . . Jeanne & Jerry
Irvine, CA

This recommendation comes from my two cats Snickers and Sammy. I’m writing this for them. “We love to have Rosanne come visit us! She makes sure we are comfy with plenty to eat and our litter box is neat and tidy. She will stay and pet us. She tells us that our Mom will be back soon and that she will be back in just a few hours. She keeps us out of trouble and cleans up all of the mess’ we make. She takes care of dogs and we understand that she spoils them just like she spoils us. We are happy that our Mom calls her when she visits the grandchildren. We like Rosanne and know you will like her too”.

Snickers (girl kitty) & Sammy (boy kitty) and “Mom”, Ernie
Woodbridge, Irvine, CA

Yuko and I moved to Irvine in 1984 and had a terrible experience boarding our cat at a local veterinary facility. Shortly thereafter, we saw a very nice article in the Irvine World News about Rosanne LeSage, owner of Bow Wow’s & Whisker’s Pet Care Co. We contacted her and knew immediately that she was an animal lover and would take care of our pets as we would care for them. Twenty-six years later, Rosanne is still caring for our cats. She is knowledgeable, caring and professional. We have traveled all over the world during these 26 years. Rosanne has consistently taken excellent care of our beloved pets and our home. I highly recommend Rosanne for all of your pet care needs. On our last vacation, we had to leave one of our dear kitties “Cocoa” with kidney failure. We were blessed to have Rosanne take care of her while we were gone. Rosanne’s knowledge of feline problems and experience working with them, allowed us to have peace of mind that Cocoa was in the best hands possible. Rosanne interfaced with our veterinarian and took actions that we did not even know about. My wife and I firmly believe that the things Rosanne did for Cocoa give our beloved kitty several more months of quality life. We would not think of having anyone else care for our pets when we travel out of town.

Yuko and Bobby D.
“Rusty and Cory”, “our precious boy cats”
Irvine, CA

Rusty and Cory

Rosanne LeSage (Bow Wow’s & Whiskers) has been our pet care service and thus, an extended member of our family for over 16 years. During that time, she has not only been an exceptionally caring, reliable and fastidious professional, but also a resource and a guide on caring for our cats whenever there was some issue – behavioral or medical – involved. With Rosanne’s assistance, we can relax whenever we’re out of town, knowing that our “children” are well cared for, and our home is looked after. That kind of security is priceless. We absolutely treasure her, and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Michael & Judy
Current cat children: Isabella and Mary
Irvine, CA

Isabella Mary

Caring, knowledgeable, responsible, dependable – these are just the first descriptive words that come to mind when asked about Rosanne LeSage and her pet-care company, Bow Wow’s & Whisker’s Pet Care. While I could list an entire page of accolades for her services, first and foremost, Rosanne has become a part of our family that I could not live without. She has been my pet care specialist for over 16 years. She has helped nurture my cats and dogs creating for them both a happy and healthy life. I have relied on her for in-home pet care on a regular daytime basis while I work and for my vacation periods as well. There is literally no one else I would trust with my fur family or my home . . .

“Toby”, English Cocker Spaniel, 14 yrs and “Mom” Syd
Irvine, CA


Rosanne LeSage, my husband and I are so fortunate to have found your service, Bow Wow’s & Whisker’s Pet Care Co. You are so dependable, knowledgeable and you take excellent care of our two adorable little Yorkies “Sissy” and “Sunny”. We have no hesitation leaving them with you here in our home, as we know they and our home are in good hands. You have become family to us and them. They both adore you. We are so grateful we found you.

Sandy & Pepper
Woodbridge, Irvine, CA

Over the past 30 years, I have had some good pet sitters. However, Rosanne LeSage, Owner of Bow Wow’s & Whisker’s Pet Care Co., Irvine, is by far, the most exceptional. She has cared for my two senior citizen felines for over 10 years – and also takes care of my daughter’s cat. Rosanne has a “heart” for animals. She understands them, their needs and their little eccentricities. She is the first person I go to with any concern or question regarding my animals. She always provides good practical information and excellent local resources. My daughter and I take long (3 to 4 weeks) trips out of the country with some frequency. I’m not sure that this would be possible if we did not have Rosanne to rely upon. We know she will always take the appropriate steps if our animals have any health issues. We also know that if there is an issue in one of our homes, (plumbing), etc.), we can rely upon her good judgment to handle the problem. Rosanne somehow knows when we need to be involved – and when don’t. This, in itself, is worth a lot when you are on the other side of the world.

Rune & Little Buddy, Pampered Felines
Pet Parent, Sonja Robinson
Irvine, CA

Rune Buddy

We found Rosanne LeSage, owner of Bow Wows & Whiskers Pet Care Co, when we made a home for our first cat Tigger, who lived to be 17 years of age. Rosanne, an Irvine resident, has a keen knowledge of what makes pets tick. She has helped with diet, exercise, training, and health issues. We can count on her to make the right decisions regarding the health and well-being of our 3 precious pets: Charlie, Jakey, (our little, boy dogs), and Misty our kitty girl. Rosanne also takes 100% care of our home. There is no task too small or too large. She follows up with us to make sure we have arrived home safely. If we are delayed, she will return and continue to keep our pets safe and happy. Our pet family and our home are secure in the hands of Bow Wow’s & Whiskers Pet Care Co. We cannot leave home without our pet’s other Mommie, Rosanne, whom we love and trust very much.

Jenny, Ryan, Karly, Leah, Jakey, Charlie (our doggie boys) and Misty (our kitty girl)
Irvine, CA